Mark Murphy, Your Advisor

Mark Murphy takes an integrated approach to his work. He’s neither an Executive Coach, nor a Business Consultant. Blending both, he’s a valued Advisor who helps elicit strategic clarity, release requisite courage, facilitate collaborative confrontation, and employ rigorous cadence, by serving as a safe sounding board for CEO’s and senior leaders.

The Cross Section of Being and Doing

Mark’s work takes place at the cross section of Being and Doing:


Traditional Executive Coaching focuses on the leader and how s/he experiences and interacts with all external circumstances. Its aim is to improve the Executive’s ability to respond in a way that produces value.


Traditional Business Consulting focuses on the circumstances of the business and how the various pieces interact. Its aim is to identify action steps for individuals and the team that produce value.

Business Content with Human Context

But choosing between Coaching and Consulting is like choosing between a transmission and an engine. Both are required to get power to the wheels. The Executive must have the personal horsepower to lead, to influence, to build trust. S/he must be able to distinguish and choose his/her responses to situations, especially when his/her natural response would be unproductive and reduce value. And, the Executive must understand the right next step to be taken. Symptoms will often appear in the Business’ doing, while the root issues must be addressed in the Leader’s way of being. Clarity emerges when we integrate the business content with the human context.

Working with Mark means:

    • Understanding the sources of and antidotes to fear, frustration and fatigue
    • Replacing blame and helplessness with action and ownership
    • Clarifying organizational and personal priorities
    • Developing clear next steps to achieve success
    • Having breakthrough conversations with your team
    • Making conscious choices that are aligned with strategic goals
    • Being honest, vulnerable, accountable, open to change, and empowered
    • Taking control, reclaiming influence, realizing results

Conversations That Matter with People Who Care

The relationship between the CEO and Advisor is multi-faceted and customized to individual situations. Weekly or monthly connection points can be used as a think-tank, sounding board, gut check, strategy planning session, or kick-in the pants. Honesty, integrity and trust are paramount. Results are real and measurable. To learn more about CEO and Senior Executive Advisory services and what it can do for you, contact Mark Murphy today.